The European gas delivery system (EGDS) consists of specially developed gas cylinders that are used primarily for calibration and measurement of equipment and/or as breathing gases for use in space. They come in two sizes and are extremely lightweight and compact. The bottles are made from aluminium and equipped with numerous safety valves.

Because of the low weight, small size and integrated and compact design, they are easy to handle in the Space Station´s limited space. They also include aditional aluminium protection for the bottle valve, inserting extra safety valves and interface for its use

EGDS are not commercial gas cylinders but  self-designed and made bottle for specific use in space.

Key parameters:

  • Content of calibration or breathable gases
  • Based on DOT qualified cylinders
  • Light weight
  • Portable
  • Filling pressure up to 150 bar
  • 150 or 300 liter of gas



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