Danish Aerospace Company (DAC)

Danish Aerospace Company (DAC) is a high-tech company operating in the area of advanced medical instrumentation and other engineering fields primarily within space applications.

Our products are based on many years of specialized research and development.

These consist of developing, integrating, and applying new as well as established medical technologies to the challenges of functioning and remaining reliable in space. These products and services bring the potential of space research and experience from space operations down to Earth for the benefit of all Mankind.

The hardware from DAC has flown on the majority of todays manned and unmanned space transportation vehicles.

This includes flights on:

  • All US Space Shuttles (Now retired)
  • Soyuz capsules from Russia (manned)
  • Russian Progress vehicles (unmanned)
  • European ATV-transport vehicles (unmanned)
  • HTV-transport vehicles from Japan (unmanned)
  • Commercial Dragon-capsule from SpaceX

Danish Aerospace Company employs engineers and technicians who deliver full engineering, production and technical services for our customers.

We have specialized in customer specific design, development, manufacturing, certification, maintenance, testing, and operations.

The company has developed five generations respiratory equipment for spaceflight, bicycle ergometers for astronauts countermeasures, adapted several commercial medical equipment for spaceflight and has participated in the development of the minus eighty degree celsius freezers.

Medical and exercise equipment from DAC have been used on some of the world's leading space stations, and manned space laboratories:

  • The International Space Station, in US lab, Columbus and Russian modules
  • Mir, the now retired 110 ton Russian space station
  • Spacelab, Europes space laboratory carried in the belly of the the Space Shuttles
  • Spacehab, a commercial mini-laboratory flown on several Space Shuttle flights

Video about Danish Aerospace Company (3 min, 42 sec):


DAC supports the scientific research and health monitoring in space for selected ESA human physiology payloads and experiments on the International Space Station via the DAC User Support and Operations Center (USOC).


The company has extensive expertise and experience in planning, developing and thorough testing of innovative high quality software for space equipment, interfacing to the vehicles and for ground support applications for monitoring of experiments and subsystems.


DAC develops, designs and produces high reliable electronic systems tailored to various individual space applications fulfilling specific space and MIL- requirements wrt. e.g. component, quality, derating, EMI-standards and low power consumption.


We are engaged in offering our clients with a highly reliable and precise customer made mechanical system and sub-systems to suit the specific space based application, where there are high requirement on minimizing the mass for upload.


To support continued and expanded human presence in space and other extreme environments and use our expertise to improve the quality of life on Earth.


To develop innovative technologies that support the presence of humans in space and that have applications in extreme environments on Earth.


Danish Aerospace Company is committed to providing ultra-precise, highly reliable, cost efficient products and services that meet our customers specifications, delivered on time and within budget.


* Reliable people and products * Precision in our work and instruments * Honesty in our business and honoring our commitments * Safety in our work and products * Delivery on time, within specification and according to budget.

Company History

Danish Aerospace Company (at that point Damec Research ApS) was founded in August 1988. The purpose of Damec Research ApS was to support space medical and human physiological research. On April 1st 2003 Innovision A/S transferred all Space related activities into Damec Research ApS and hereby refocused the purpose of Damec to a general space engineering company.

After listing on Nasdaq First North Denmark in May 2019, Goldschmidt Capital A / S's ownership interest amount to 34.3% and N.C. Grønlund Holding A / S's ownership interest is 25.5%. Free float (the proportion of share capital owned by new shareholders) is 39%.

  • 1983: ERL was founded (Energy Research Laboratory)
  • 1985: AMIS A/S (Advanced Medical Instrumentation System) started
  • 1988: Damec Research ApS was founded
  • 1990: Innovision A/S was created
  • 1993: First major Damec hardware (Anthorack) was launched and used on Space Shuttle Columbia (D-2 STS-55)
  • 1993: First Damec Shuttle ergometer launched on Space Shuttle Endeavour
  • 1995: RMS-II equipment launched on Progress vehicle for the Russian Space Station Mir
  • 1995: Damec supports Mir-operations from Denmark
  • 2001: First CEVIS ergometer launched to ISS
  • 2003: ARMS-equipment launched and operated on Columbia (STS-107)
  • 2003: Innovision A/S becomes 100% commercial
  • 2003: Damec Research ApS becomes 100% Space
  • 2005: PFS equipment was launched for ISS
  • 2006: The first of three MELFI Freezer with Damec parts was launched for ISS
  • 2009: Portable PFS equipment launched for ISS
  • 2010: The final MELFI freezer with Damec parts was launched for ISS
  • 2013: Damec Research ApS changes to Danish Aerospace Company
  • 2013: A Joint Venture: Aquaporin Space Alliance is created together with Aquaporin
  • 2013: One of the company's minority investors, The M. Goldsmith Group, purchased full ownership and Damed Research ApS changed to Danish Aerospace Company
  • 2015: SDM Mission with Andreas Mogensen – 2 pcs of hw & 6 experiments supported
  • 2016: First ASA Aquaporin Water recovery contract with ESA
  • 2017: Danish Aerospace Company – North America, Inc. established in Houston
  • 2019: Danish Aerospace Company gets listed on Nasdaq First North.