Danish Aerospace Company A/S (DAC), Odense, has been selected to produce and deliver world class space exercise equipment for Axiom Space, Inc.’s commercial space facility that will be attached to the International Space Station. This is a major step for DAC in entering the commercial human spaceflight market, after having provided ESA and NASA with exercise and medical monitoring equipment for more than three decades.

The exercise equipment DAC is providing will be used on the Axiom Segment, a multi-module facility, the first module of which is scheduled to be attached to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2024.   The Axiom Segment will serve as a hub for research, manufacturing, and commerce in low earth orbit. Later in the decade and prior to the decommissioning of the ISS, Axiom plans to detach its modules and establish the free-flying Axiom Space Station, an independent commercial space station, laboratory and residential facility in low earth orbit.

Extended human stays in space are not possible without exercise to counter the effects of microgravity on the bones, muscles, and cardiovascular system. Astronauts on the International Space Station exercise, on average, two hours per day. With the growth in commercial human spaceflight activities Danish Aerospace Company’s exercise and human health monitoring capabilities are well suited to support these exciting new developments.

“We are extremely proud that Axiom Space, Inc. has selected Danish Aerospace Company to provide exercise equipment for their upcoming world-class laboratory in space. This is an important step for DAC and solidifies our company as the leading commercial provider of exercise equipment for human spaceflight.  DAC has been actively pursuing the emerging commercial human spaceflight market over the past several years and in 2018 established a U.S subsidiary. We are excited to be contributing to this exciting new area.” says Thomas A. E. Andersen, CEO of DAC.

Drawing on more than thirty years of experience in producing high precision, reliable exercise equipment for the European and American human spaceflight programs, Danish Aerospace Company A/S has developed several new advanced exercise devices including the FERGO cycle ergometer (Flight ERGOmeter) being produced for NASA and the E4D (Enhanced European Exploration Exercise Device) being produced for the European Space Agency ESA. Just last month representatives from NASA and ESA including NASA Astronaut Don Pettit and Italian ESA Astronaut Luca Parmitano visited DAC in Odense to test and provide input on the E4D equipment.


“I’m confident that our extremely reliable and creative products have played a big role in securing this contract with Axiom Space. For more than three decades DAC has been providing high precision exercise equipment for the government human spaceflight programs of ESA and NASA. Denmark’s participation in ESA’s Human Spaceflight Program has helped pave the way by supporting our efforts to develop and mature some of these technologies.” observed DAC CEO Thomas A. E. Andersen.


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