Danish Aerospace Company A/S (DAC) and University of Copenhagen - Biomedical Institute (KU) will be subcontractors to Ohmatex A/S on new Non-invasive Muscle Monitoring System (GAIN – Garments for Advanced INsights) for use in space. The equipment will be tested on the International Space Station (ISS) around 2021.

Ohmatex has developed the new portable Non-invasive Muscle Monitoring System, which will be adapted for use in space and tested on ISS.The system measures changes in the volume of the legs and thus fluid displacements, the electrical activity and oxygen saturation in the muscles. This will allow investigations into how the muscles in the legs behave during exercise in space and on the ground.On November 11th, 2019 the new contract was signed with Ohmatex. The prime contract with ESA – the European Space Agency is for the purpose of developing the system for space and testing it on the ISS. Ohmatex A/S is the prime contractor, while DAC is responsible for safety and qualification for use in space and KU for the medical tests.CTO at Ohmatex A/S, Christian Dalsgaard says:

”DAC's competences in manned space flight are unique, and the reason why ESA will place this contract with Denmark is that we gather the competences and utilizes the capabilities within this niche field. Manned spaceflight requires a high level of quality control and it is a great advantage that the production and certification of the equipment can be done at DAC. At the same time, we benefit from DAC's knowledge for the safety and qualification of space equipment.”


Astronauts in space spend an average of two hours each day training to maintain muscle strength and prevent muscle, bone and cardiovascular deconditioning due to weightlessness. ESA wants deeper insight into training, in order to prepare for longer missions. Therefore, new measurement methods and wearable solutions are needed. For medical research and technology development there are great prospects and with the ESA contract, Danish space companies and researchers will have the chance to become leading in this field.


CEO of DAC, Thomas A. E. Andersen, welcomes the new contract with Ohmatex: ”We are very pleased with the new contract and this new collaboration with Ohmatex A / S and KU, as we together form a competent and complementary team where DAC can contribute with our long experience in developing, testing and qualifying equipment for space. The contract fits in with the company's strategy and the new focus area in wearables technologies for both terrestrial and space use, which we are currently pursuing.”


The contract runs for three years and comprises delivery of two training models of the equipment and a flight model for testing at the Space Station. DAC's contract value is around 2.5 mill. DKK. The equipment is expected to be launched to ISS around 2021. This activity is carried out under the General Support Technology Program (GSTP) of and funded by the European Space Agency.


Please see this joint press release for more information.



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Danish Aerospace Company A/S:

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Ohmatex A/S:

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