Haptics-1 is the first of a series of in-flight experiments to demonstrate advanced teleoperation technologies and to demonstrate the telecontrol with real-time force-feedback of robotics on Earth from Space.

In the flight experiments of Haptics-1, an extensive set of physiological data is collected that will help to determine design requirements for the design of haptic devices to be used in Space in the future.

In seven distinct scientific conduct protocols, the crew human factor data after exposure to micro-gravity for an extended duration is measured. For instance, the bandwidth of human motion in position and force control tasks, the minimum stimulus thresholds for sensing torque and stiffness, the mass and stiffness of the upper extremity and other interesting measures that will define clearly how humans will interact naturally with force-feedback systems when exposed to the micro-gravity environment in space.

The Haptics experiments are implemented for
The ESA Telerobotics and Haptics laboratory
Keplerlaan 1, 2201 AZ Noordwijk ZH