NASA has, yet again, placed an order for the new FERGO-ergometer with Danish Aerospace Company A/S. This marks the 4th unit ordered by NASA with the Danish space tech company.

Danish Aerospace Company A/S (DAC) has today signed a new purchase order with Jacob Technologies for delivery of another FERGO-ergometer to NASA. FERGO (Flight ERGOmeter) is the second generation of space ergometers developed by the Danish company. FERGO will replace the current CEVIS-ergometer which has been a reliable exercise partner for astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) since 2001.

The new FERGO-Ergometer, which will help the astronauts on ISS in the future. (Photo: DAC)

After more than 20 years of service CEVIS will soon retire and be replaced by the more advanced FERGO-ergometer. With this transaction NASA’s total order of ergometers are up to four and the last will be delivered by the end of 2021 to NASA and is expected to be launched to ISS by late 2021/early 2022. Following DAC’s development of space ergometers for ESA in the late 80’s, the news of DAC’s expertise spread far and wide. NASA caught wind of the danish company specializing in custom-made exercise equipment for manned spaceflight. Thus, since 1992, DAC has been a stable supplier for NASA of exercise equipment.

CEO of DAC, Thomas A. E. Andersen is delighted that the additional order is finally a reality:

”We had expected that at some point, NASA would order another FERGO ergometer from us. We are very happy that this order has now materialized. It helps to ensure continuity in 2021 and is an additional indication of NASA's trust in Danish Aerospace Company A/S, which we are deeply honored by.”

Following the initial order signed in 2019, DAC’s engineers have enhanced the design to accommodate NASA’s specific wishes and completed the custom-made FERGO-ergometer. Its features include a new electronic regulation system, it is operated from a tablet or manually and can deliver up to 500W lead. The first FERGO training model, was shipped to the United States in December 2020.

DAC’s combined order portfolio for FERGO, which so far extends to the end of 2021, now amounts to DKK 14,8 million.

Danish ESA-astronaut Andreas Mogensen on DAC’s CEVIS-ergometer on the International Space Station (Photo: ESA)

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