Odense, March 2018

New opportunities for Danish Aerospace Company ApS

Danish Aerospace Company ApS (DAC), a subsidiary to the M. Goldschmidt Holding Group, is presenting the annual report for the fiscal year 2017. Highlights of the past 12 months are:

  • DAC´s significant investments over the resent years in quality assurance, new technology and future generations of equipment, show great potential in both Europe and USA.
  • DAC´s pipeline of new products and projects has never been better, and the company expects to sign the first contracts, related to this new technology, already in 2018.
  • DAC´s wholly owned subsidiary in Houston, Texas is now operational, and the first contacts directly with American companies and authorities are very positive.
  • In 2017 DAC generated a satisfying operating profit of 2,4 million DKK, given the considerable investments made for the future. It is the 13th year in a row, the company generates a profit.

Danish Aerospace Company has in 2017 focused the development on new versions of exercise equipment for astronauts. This is due to the increased interest from ESA and NASA to test this type of equipment on the International Space Station. Testing the equipment must be done prior to the intended use on manned missions to Mars and a mini space station at the Moons vicinity, like the Deep Space Gateway/Lunar Gateway which NASA is planning with its international partners.

DAC established in November 2017 a wholly owned subsidiary Danish Aerospace Company – North America, Inc., in Houston, Texas and appointed David Zuniga as General Manager. The subsidiary is now pursuing a number of activities on the American marked.

DAC upgraded the quality assurance to the AS9100 standard, and thereby entered the exclusive club of companies world wide with the AS9100 certification. AS9100 is de facto the quality standard for companies in aircraft and aerospace industry, and DAC is the 9th Danish company to be certified for both design and manufacturing of equipment. The certification leads to new possibilities for contracts, participation in consortiums and to be subcontractor not only to aerospace industry, but also to the aircraft industry.

DAC expects a significant increase in activities and elevated operating profit in 2018.

For further information, please contact:

CEO Thomas A. E. Andersen,
Phone +45 40 29 41 62

This Press Release in PDF (English)

This Press Release in PDF (Danish)