This is a Danish experiment prepared by DAC, where Andreas Mogensen tested a new heart rate monitor and force measuring pedals on the stationary CEVIS bicycle ergometer. Andreas completed two exercise programs riding the bicycle with its new pedals and heart rate monitor. DAC has already received data from the experiment, which looks very promising.

The experiment will evaluate the perfomance of existing Magnetic pulse technology used on many of the exercise devices onboard the ISS versus Bluetooth communication.

From experience magnetic pulse has proven to degrade when used in the ISS enviroment and alternative ways of measuring heart rate and other physiological parameters is needed. The Mobile Heart Rate experiment will evaluate the use of 3 simultanious bluetoorh 4.0 devices.

Data from the bluetooth devices are recorded on an SSC and downlinked for ground studies that will investigate the performance of bluetooth communication onboard the ISS.


Photo: ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen riding DAC’s bicycle ergometer and dressed in ESA’s skinsuit in the American laboratory on ISS. (Photo: ESA)